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It was the month of April in 2010 and the month when her girl was born... Their coaching classes were end and Their Board exams were near so it was difficult to come on date for her but He was continuously provoking her to met on her birthday.

Kishan: Please come to met me today is my girl’s birthday I want to meet you

Radha: No I cant come today baby 

Kishan: Please make some excuse and come 

Radha: No baby I said I can’t so please stop provoking me.

Kishan: So you aren’t going to kiss me?

Radha: Hawww.. Kiss baby?

Kishan: Yes today is your birthday I want to kiss u baby you don’t want to kiss me? 

Radha: ''No...Not at all... After marriage we will kiss:*

Kishan: ok… You think I will leave you after kissing you right?? Now he was using the trick emotional blackmailing.

Radha: No baby 
He: so you don’t believe me 

Radha: I do believe baby ok I will come

Now its 10PM when there was a dark because of electricity failure in their town so She went to meet him at that street where they met before going to school in morning. 

Radha: Baby me coming 
He: Me reached Baby come soon

Finally she reached and he wished her birthday and he come near and take hold of her from her waist suddenly she closed her eyes and finally he slowly kiss her lips at that night…and hug each other  After that, she turned away from him because she could feel herself shy and blushing. He just put his arms around her and smiled." 
It was perfect!" 

In this line of attack their First kiss was happened on her Birthday in 2010  and because their first kiss happened at that street so they named that as “Kissing Gali” 


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Now month of February has arrived and they decided to meet. They are in relationship from 25, decemember 2009 but still they had never met but finally they met on 13'Feb'2010 for the first time. They planned to meet in morning before going to school. He was waiting for her at that place where they decide to meet and finally the wait is over and he saw her coming towards him.

Kishan: Hii how r u Baby

Radha: Me fine what about you jaan

Kishan: Me also fine baby

Radha: As she met first time so she was nervous a lot and she said lets go we are getting late for our class 

Kishan: I have something for you shona

Radha: what baby?

Kishan: A gift for my princess  

Radha: Aww.. Baby thank you so much  

She opened that gift and there was a Beautiful heart shaped watch  

Kishan: You never says I Love You face to face  so say it today baby 
She was feeling shy and hesitates because it was the first time she talk with him. 

Radha: Hmm... First you then I will say 

Kishan: First you shona  don't be shy baby 

Radha: Hmm... babyy

Kishan: Achaw baba, I Love you shona

Radha: I love you too baby  
And after this sweet talk they both went school to attend their classes. With the passage of time she love him more and more and she cant imagine her life without him  She loves everything he hate about himself  In every conversation she said "I love you"

Kishan tell his elder sister about Radha and their relationship and his sister wants to meet Radha. She went her home and met with her. After some time Radha also went his home to meet with his family. 

Radha was happy because he introduced her with his family everyone knows about their relationship except his father. 
It was the month of April and her birthday was near. The most awaited day for both of them  


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Finally Kishan make a courage and tell her about his feeling.
Her phone vibrated, it was a text from him..His message was:

Kishan: I want to confess something to you.

Radha: Yeah sure u can.

Kishan: I know its too early and just the start, but I love you from the bottom of my heart shona.

Radha: Hmm.. I used to hear from my friends about their love life & stories in school, mostly people just use girls and left them alone after some time. Before marriage there is no love so I never believed in these relationship. we are just friend. Hope you understand 

Kishan: Hey listen Radha i am not like those boys who use girls and hurt them. I will marry you i promise 

Radha: You are my best friend and i love our relation as a friend and she rejected his proposal.

Kishan try to convince her daily.  With the flow of time she starts liking him and after thinking so much, she made up her mind and finally on december,2009 she accepted his proposal 

Kishan: i never heared your voice i want to hear it so can i call you shona?

Radha: Hmm..yeah

Her phone vibrated and she picked a call

Kishan: Hi, how are you my princess?

Radha: Me fine and what about you my prince? 

Kishan: If princess is fine so her Prince is also fine because he loves her alot 

Radha: Ahh..! Now stop act like a dramaybaz 

Kishan: Haww.. you are trying to tease me shona 

Radha: Yeah because i love teasing you  

Kishan: And I love it 

Radha: Hahaha.. Ok now i have to go baby Mom calling me 

Kishan: Ok baby, we will talk on call at Mid night 

Radha: No, i cant because my siblings going to sleep with me 

Kishan: You have to try baby now take care love you bye shona

Radha: ok baby love you too 

Radha first time managed to talk with him at mid night and they started conversation. He make her smile, laugh and somewhere in between the jokes, the long talks, and their random conversations they both get more attached to each other.

They talk all the day on text even their phone's battery is always dying Radha had only known Kishan for the shortest amount of time. But the feelings she had for him were different. Different to anything she’ve ever felt before. 

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Its Funny how they on facebook. Here is a real love story about a relationship of Radha and Kishan that started with Facebook and slowly developed into a proposal.21st century Radha Kishan(;-))

First Kishan sent a friend request to her in September 2009. Radha don't know him so ignored his request but after few days she accepted his request. 

Kishan: Hey thanks for accepting my request.

Radha: May i know who is this ? Introduce yourself please.

Kishan: You don't know me? I am in your coaching class.
(Actually she never noticed him that he is studying in her class.... lol.....  They both belong from same town and they are in standard i.e. 12th standard)

Radha: oh..! sory i never noticed you 

Kishan: Actually i know you before that coaching classes 

Radha: How?

Kishan: First time i saw you on your activa.  Do you remember that day when there was a destroyed phase occurred in our city and mostly people stuck at their places? You were in your school uniform  

Radha: Yeah I remember that day but I didnot noticed you on that day too 

Kishan: Hahahaha.. Its alright Now you can notice me  so Can we be friends now?

Radha: Hmm... Today first time i am talking to you and i don't know much about you. I never make friends so quickly.

Kishan: Yeah sure, take your time.... 

They start chatting daily, with the time of flow they become friends, talking about most random stuff and sharing all secrets with each other 

Kishan always said to her that he likes her smile and like her alot♥ But Radha always laugh and ignored it.

Whenever she come online she inbox him so he can also come online. Sometimes it was difficult to come online so he asked for her cell number. But she refused to give him her cell number but after few days she gave him her number and they start talking on cell as well. They become BEST FRIENDS. She got attached to him and never end a day without talking to him.

Kishan is falling in love with his BEST FRIEND  
Is Radha feel the same for him?

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And when I close my eyes tear rolls down on my cheeks, Because I feel so empty. 

Empty because You're not with Me. 
Empty because our paths will never cross in future now. 
Empty because I wont be able to hug you ever now. 
Empty because You'll be never Mine now.. 
Still I wipe off my tear and take a deep breath.. 
May be some Love stories are better if they are incomplete... 
I miss you.. 
Miss you like hell..

Maybe I am kiddish, 
I hurt you at times,  
I hate you when you ignore me,  
I don't like it when you talk to others when on call with me,  
I am even unable to understand you at times.... 
But apart from that,  
I really know u're my "only dream" today..  
And maybe for this Lifetime.  
I wish you to be mine..  
I wish to live with you and die if its not you.. 

If you love Someone, tell it everyday till the person is with you.   
Because nothing lasts forever and Life has a bad habit of snatching away those people who matters alot to us.   
Saying "I Love U" everyday won't assure you that the person would stay with you for Lifetime,  
but atleast it will give a sense of satisfaction to us that we didn't miss the chance of expressing our Love to someone we Love................. 

If I had known things would turn in this way, 
 I Would have stopped myself little earlier. I would have stopped myself talking to you. And.. Wouldn't have hugged you so tighter. 
If I had known things would be so difficult for me, I would have ignore you at first sight. 
I wouldn't have missed you so much, Care for you so much. 
Only If I had known you would leave me like this, 
I wouldn't have held your hands, for the first time.. 
I wish I can rewind my life, and remove you &; Your memories form it.. ! 

Today I again saw her, She still look the same, even after 3 years. 
She still have that pretty smile with Dimple, Her eyes still speaks a lot behind that glasses. 

Her voice still make me restless.  
Her hairs still falls on her eyes. 

All memories moved in front of my eyes just like a movie. 
I met her, I proposed her, I Loved her, I Lost her. 
And my life stopped, She moved on and I am still here, waiting for Her. 

I know she still Loves Me, But her anger stops her. 

 May be someday Her heart will win. 
May be someday she will come back to Me. 
May be someday We will be together again. 
But My heart knows that SOMEDAY will never come. :') 
And I still Love HER. 

I know You're having one of the Worst night of your Life.  
You wonder, how they gave you so much to remember, yet they ask you to forget them. 
You wonder how they gave you so many promises, and now promised not to come back again ever. 

You wonder about every word they said, but didn't meant it ever. 
You can't do anything except missing them in your Life. 

You just left with memories of them. Everything they did starts playing in front of your eyes just like a movie. 

You feel WORST and BEST at the same time. And that's why its called Memories always creates difficult situation. 

# Memories can make you smile & cry at the same time. :')